Our surfaces have been designed to obtain greater use out of an arena, gallop, racetrack, paddock or polo ground throughout the year whilst maintaining the high quality of surface demanded by today’s horse and rider.

Fibresand and its sister product Fibreturf combine the latest technology and natural materials to provide a choice of pure sand or reinforced turf riding surfaces.

Locally produced, Fibresand is ideal for tropical or high rainfall climates which need all year availability in any weather.  Due to its improved drainage rate Fibresand can equally cope with the heaviest of rain storms and the coldest of winters and maintains a sure footed riding surface long after natural turf becomes unusable.

Fibreturf is the obvious choice for those preferring the aesthetic qualities of a natural grass surface and who wish to enjoy all the advantages of the Fibresand fibre reinforcement technology.

The Fibresand and Fibreturf systems have immense shear resistance and stability thanks to the millions of fibres distributed randomly throughout the surface.

This reduces kickback on sand based tracks and helps maintain an even surface on grass under the most punishing race conditions. The result is a flat, consistent surface which needs less maintenance and annual repair, and presents less of a hazard to both horse and rider.

Whichever surface is chosen, Fibresand International can quickly produce and install a superior all weather riding surface anywhere in the world.

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