Fibreturf has been used for equestrian, sports and amenity application since 1985 and in excess of 3 million m2 has been installed around the world.

Fibreturf combines the latest fibre technology and natural materials to produce a reinforced natural grass turf.  A mixture of sand, organic material and polymer fibres, Fibreturf is installed to produce a root zone layer creating a ‘fibre-stabilised’ natural grass surface.  It can be turfed or seeded, and the resultant grass sward is managed in exactly the same way as conventional turf.  Rot-proof polymer fibres assist the growth of healthy grass through conducting air and water to a greater depth thereby encouraging deeper and more vigorous root development.

In Sports applications, Fibreturf provides a free draining, stable, consistent playing surface which is not dependent on the quality of grass cover.   Fibreturf resists compaction and surface damage from studded footwear even when subjected to heavy use under wet conditions.

Landscape and amenity applications benefit from a proven ground reinforcement system capable of handling wheel loads of up to 25 tonnes wheel loading in severe weather conditions.  This inherent strength and stability allows Fibreturf to be constructed into steeper slopes with enhanced resistance to erosion, allowing creative architects to exceed their normal design parameters and produce some stunning effects.

Due to Fibreturf’s low energy requirements during manufacture and installation it is fundamentally friendlier to the environment, helping to mitigate the carbon footprint of the overall project.