Aviation Fibreturf is the ideal alternative for applications that require adequate strength for occasional traffic yet do not warrant the cost of hard paved solutions such as asphalt or concrete. Unlike these materials, Aviation Fibreturf is quicker, easier and cheaper to install and can be easily modified once laid, or removed and reinstalled at another location giving it unsurpassed flexibility and longevity in use.

Aviation Fibreturf is produced under a stringent quality process by experienced staff, either from our worldwide production bases, or on site using specialised mobile mixing machinery with local sand and fibre.

With a product which outperforms conventional turf construction alternatives, Fibresand International can quickly provide a cost effective, natural, green solution suitable for most applications including taxiway and runway shoulders, runway end safety areas (RESA), general aviation aprons, emergency / heavy vehicle access roads, overspill car parks and more.

Aviation FibreTurf is economic by design. Its construction profile is less complex than typically required for traditional hard paving, significantly reducing installation costs both in terms of materials and time.