Cost Effective

Fibre reinforcement is a cost effective alternative to a variety of applications

Top-class equestrian riding surfaces can be provided which have the riding characteristics of turf surfaces without the associated expensive maintenance issues.    All-weather capability allows the surface to be used in most weather conditions, increasing the value in terms of return on investment, while surpassing the riding characteristics of other all-weather granular loose mix products.  

As an alternative to hard paving, Fibreturf and Aviation Fibreturf both provide considerable cost benefits.  Installations generally are of thinner layer construction, reducing the volume and overall cost of raw materials.   On-site manufacture can dramatically reduce the cost of haulage.   Speed and ease of installation reduces both install time, downtime and the amount of labour and equipment required to complete a contract.

Due to the drainage characteristics of the SUDS compliant fibre reinforced rootzones, additional surface drainage may not be necessary on large area installations – another considerable saving.

On-going maintenance poses no additional costs, while modification of a Fibreturf surface is straightforward and doesn’t require extensive equipment and labour in the same way as amendments to asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Planning permissions may be easier to arrange or potentially not required, which can also equate to considerable cost savings.

Aviation Fibreturf can provide additional cost-savings to airport and airline operators in the event of an incident, with rapid aircraft recovery resulting in significant savings in downtime, and a reduction in costly aircraft repairs.

With an enviable lifespan, and the ability to re-use or leave the product in situ, there is no replacement cost or long term disposal cost to consider.