Ease of Maintenance

Fibresand and Fibreturf reinforced surfaces are easy to maintain.

Fibresand for equestrian surfaces are simple to manage – any tracking or depressions caused by intensive work are easily rectified by simply  levelling with a drag harrow or similar.    Surface hardness can be managed by a mixture of deeper harrowing or rolling as required to produce the desired quality of ride, while still maintaining good drainage characteristics.

Fibreturf installations require nothing different in terms of maintenance to normal grass surfaces.   Cutting, aeration and dressing of sports pitches is carried out in the same way as standard turf pitches. Unlike some semi-synthetic surfaces which are a mixture of surface fibres and real grass, Fibreturf can be tined or even sand-slit without any damage to the surface.  Long grass policies on airfields can be continued.

Our polymer fibres are resistant to chemicals such as weedkillers and fertilisers, and accidental spillages of chemicals such as de-icers and fuel.  Experience has shown that even where the spillage of chemicals causes local damage to the grass plants, recovery is so much quicker due to the enhanced root mass.