Environmentally Friendly

Our binderless, chemical free fibre-reinforced system is 99.5% composed of naturally occurring aggregates with a small addition of low weight / high volume inert polymer fibres. Our special polymer fibres have a significant lifespan, and some of our projects are already reaching 20 years of service with negligible sign of deterioration.

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Inert polymer fibres are resistant to a wide range of chemical action, and are unaffected by typical chemicals such as fertilisers, weedkillers and even accidental spillages of fuels such as petrol, diesel and kerosene.

Being chemical free, our fibre reinforced products pose no threat to the environment in situ from potential leachates, typically associated with products containing chemical binders or surface coatings.

Where possible we utilise local aggregates for larger projects and manufacture on site, which helps to ensure compatibility with the existing ecology, and reduces the carbon emissions related to long distance haulage. Similarly, our rootzones can be grown with local grass varieties in order to blend in with the existing grass cover.

Combine this information with our bespoke low-energy mixing process and the product’s proven longevity in service, and the total energy lifecycle of fibre re-enforced rootzones is calculated to be around 10% of bituminous asphalt or reinforced concrete solutions. This can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of an operation.

In use, Fibreturf and Aviaiton Fibreturf surfaces provide natural noise attenuation when compared with hard paving, and also reduce ground heating effects associated with concrete and asphalt surfaces.

The installation remains a green, living grass surface which absorbs CO2 from the air, and maintains the aesthetics of the surrounding area.