Fibresand Products

Based in the United Kingdom and operating all over the world Fibresand International has successfully been manufacturing the professional range of Fibresand and Fibreturf products for over 25 years. With a wealth of knowledge of pavement construction, sand technology and manufacturing processes, Fibresand International is well equipped to provide quality solutions to a wide variety of applications within the sports, landscaping and amenity sectors.


Fibresand uses synthetic fibres to reinforce a clean, graded silica sand in order to produce a free draining yet relatively firm, sure-footing surface.


Fibreturf is a mixture of sand, organic material and polymer fibres which is then used in the top surface of the racetrack construction to produce a ‘fibre-stabilised’ root zone layer.

Aviation Fibreturf

Aviation Fibreturf gives the airport designer the versatility without the need for compromise by utilizing a natural, environmentally compatible solution.


Traffipave is a unique, cost effective sustainable ground surface system designed to minimise the overall depth of construction and reduce installation time.


Traffiturf is a greener solution in every possible respect when compared with traditional hard pavement construction and is a natural choice for developers and planners alike.