Fibresand is the perfect all weather equestrian surface giving a flexible level of reinforcement and stabilisation required by today’s exacting riders.

Fibresand is a micro-fibre reinforced, binder and wax free sand based riding surface with the riding characteristics of turf.  

Fibresand is designed to obtain greater use out of an arena, gallop, racetrack, paddock or polo ground throughout the year whilst maintaining the high quality of surface demanded by today’s horse and rider.

Due to its enhanced drainage capability, Fibresand can equally cope with the heaviest of rain storms and the coldest of winters and maintains a sure footed riding surface long after natural turf becomes unusable.

Quality of ride is easily adjusted through simple variation of maintenance practices such as rolling and harrowing, creating a firmness of surface customised to the rider’s requirements.

Unlike many waste-product based surfaces on the market, the fibres used in Fibresand are purposely manufactured from inert polymer fibres to a stringent specification, guaranteeing performance in use and freedom from unknown contaminants.

A low energy mixing process combines these fibres with a quality, washed silica sand to ensure this binder and wax free riding surface contains nothing that could leech out and contaminate the ground or water table.

With proven longevity due to its virtually rot-proof fibres, Fibresand has stood the test of time since its introduction thirty years ago, and remains a popular choice in the equestrian world.