Traffipave is a unique, cost effective sustainable ground surface system designed to minimise the overall depth of the sub-base construction and reduce installation time.

Our unique and patented Traffipave system provides a shallow, porous solution fully compliant with SUDS, health and safety and CDM regulations.

Firstly, a Traffisand combined sub-base and bedding layer stabilises the existing ground and provides a firm base with a high degree of resistance to movement.  Traffisand provides a stable foundation for the overlying traffigrid system and will not tend to shift under severe conditions.  Traffisand also reduces the lateral ‘creep’ movement factor of the grids.

Secondly, a loadbearing Traffigrid running surface is installed directly on to the Traffisand base.  When used with grass seed or finished turf, the Traffisand beneath the Traffigrid layer encourages natural healthy growth and the grass roots interact with the fibres to give a strong and long lasting rootzone.

When backfilling the Traffigrid with gravel or slate, the Traffisand sub-layer provides a strong base for the installation, maintains good drainage (especially when incorporating our Traffipipe drainage solution) and allows for a shallower installation when compared to normal grid installations.

  • Traffipave for Car Parks, Driveways, Cycle Routes, Caravan Parks, Golf Courses (Buggy trails), Paths, Showground Events and Fire Access roads
  • Traffipave is SUDS compliant
  • Traffipave conforms to Approved Document ‘M’ of the Building Regulations 2010 
  • Traffipave helps prevent urban flooding by reducing the rate of water run-off
  • Traffipave is easy and quick to install -100m2 per person per hour
  • Traffipave has been designed to accept a standard white delineator
  • Trafipave is perfect for construction of temporary welfare areas

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