Aviation Fibreturf Tests at Cranfield University

Fibresand International commissioned a series of test programs to investigate the products capabilities. These included:-

• The ability of a standard 20 cm layer of AVFT to withstand static and moving wheel loads of between 15 and 25 tonnes.

• The effect of multiple wheel passes as would be experienced in a dual or tri-axle undercarriage arrangement.

• The ability of AVFT to withstand high wheel loads when installed on ground with strengths between CBR 3 and 11.

The results of the research clearly demonstrate that Aviation Fibreturf is capable of effectively supporting heavy vehicle and heavy aircraft wheel loads of up to 25 tonnes on ground conditions with a strength of CBR 4 and above. This equates to a wheel load of 1.38 MN/m2 based on the standard Boeing 747 wheel employed within the test programs.

The tests also concluded the following:-

• Aviation Fibreturf when installed to a standard 20 cm depth supports aircraft wheel loads of up to 25 tonnes of sub grade of CBR 4 and above.

• Rut depths during all tests did not exceed the tyre wall height and the wheel was always able to rotate and move forwards, never becoming embedded in the sub-grade.

• The rolling resistance during the tests ranged from 2.1-5.8 tonnes which is within the publiched tolerance for heavy aircraft undercarriage assemblies.

Date Published: August 24.2015
Skills: Aviation