Clifford Pier, Singapore

At Clifford Pier the requirement was for a car parking surface using tegular blocks with Fibreturf infill which not only improved the strength of the surface but also enhanced the green aesthetic appearance of the construction.

Fibreturf rootzone has also been used as the supporting layer for both tegular and normal paving blocks.  At Clifford Pier it has been laid at a depth of 100 mm to create a reinforced foundation.  This replaces 300 mm of stone, gravel and sand which is normally required.  This achieved considerable savings in time and material.

Fibreturf is a proven system capable of repeatedly handling wheel loads of up to ten tonnes in severe weather conditions.  The surface is the natural choice for environmentally sensitive projects where erosion through foot or vehicle use is a constant dilemma.

Date Published: August 24.2015
Skills: Landscaping