Fibreturf Smoothes The Way For Middle Wallop

Many years of heavy use has left middle Wallop’s two grass runways in a poor condition. Fibreturf proved to be the perfect solution.

The recent reopening of one of the runways by the School of Army Aviation required its reinstatement to a high standard. Repeated use over many years had left the runway badly deformed. In particular ruts and ridges at the touchdown zones presented major difficulties to pilots, many of whom are trainees.

The use of Fibreturf provided a ready to use, smooth touchdown zone, and also gave it the ability to withstand heavy and repeated aircraft movements.

Millions of interlocking polymer fibres per square metre gives the surface high three dimensional tensile and shear strength, while the specially graded grain structure of the root-zone provides both resistance to compaction and stability in wet conditions.

Fibreturf’s inherent strength provides not only resistance to rutting and sinking under load, but also to lateral movement, making it an ideal solution to Middle Wallop’s operational requirements.

Eighteen months of intensive research by Cranfield University and Silsoe College verified that Fibreturf will repeatedly withstand individual wheel loads of ten tonnes, even in wet conditions.

“Fibreturf has quickly provided an innovative, eco-friendly, value for money solution”

Col. J P Geany

Date Published: August 25.2015
Skills: Landscaping