Green Parking at Ransom Wood

Traffiturf is an ideal alternative for applications that need to be resistant to heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic wear.  At Ransom Wood Business Park the surface was used together with block paving which improved the strength of the surface and enhanced the aesthetic appearance to compliment the woodland surroundings.  The car park at The Willows complex is used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Despite such constant heavy traffic, the reinforcing fibres in the rootzone have provided a stable sub base for the surface with no movement or deformation.  The rootzone has assisted the growth of healthy grass by acting as conduits for air and water to a greater depth thereby drawing the roots downwards and promoting a stronger plant.

Due to Traffiturf having a negative carbon rating it is both environmentally friendly and helps to  mitigate the negative impacts associated with buildings.

Date Published: August 25.2015
Skills: Landscaping