The Bunyodkor Stadium, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

In August 2012 The Bunyodkor Stadium and football academy was completed. The $150 million dollar, 34,000 seated beauty meets all the standards required to host international football and required a playing surface to match. In May 2013 Fibresand International (in conjunction with the stadium contractors) provided this in just 7 days.

With a combination of technology and natural materials, Fibreturf gives a high quality grass surface throughout the season.  The material has been designed in order to obtain greater use out or natural turf whilst maintaining the high quality of surface demanded by present day sports users.  Fibreturf has a number of key features which help it out-perform many rival products.

Fibresand International can provide you with a natural, green surface with properties which far exceed those of conventional sand or turf construction alternatives.

Date Published: August 24.2015
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Skills: Sports