The Natural Choice for Green Parking

Fibreturf has become an integral part of many National Trust and English Heritage projects including Pendennis Castle, Chatsworth House and St Augustines Abbey.  Areas such as these have car parks that take enormous strain and require ready-made surfaces that are more resilient than ordinary turf.

Fibreturf is the natural green solution for car parking, emergency vehicle access and amenity uses due to its inherent strength providing resistance to rutting and loadbearing capabilities.

Its strength characteristics are derived from the interaction between the fibres and sand grains; the presence of grass is not an essential part of the system. Eighteen months of intensive research by Cranfield University, Silsoe College, verified that Fibreturf will repeatedly withstand individual wheel loads of ten tonnes even in wet weather conditions.  The research also concluded that the addition of the polymer fibres to a sand soil mixture increased its strength significantly.

Fibreturf provides a superior surface compared with ordinary turf.  Enhanced drainage properties helps to protect the grass in persistent wet weather and disperses surface water quickly, while the dense fibre matrix stimulates deeper and stronger root growth. This in turn promotes resistance to drought and aids recovery of the grass following prolonged dry spells or damage from traffic.

Date Published: August 24.2015
Skills: Landscaping