With a combination of technology and natural materials, Fibreturf gives a high quality grass surface throughout the season. The material has been designed in order to obtain greater use out or natural turf whilst maintaining the high quality of surface demanded by present day sport users.

World class stadia need world class pitches and over the years Fibreturf has been successfully installed at a large number of premier European clubs, including Manchester United, Benfica, Everton, Leeds United and PSV Eindhoven to name just a few. Just as important are the hundreds of school and college sports pitches.

Fibreturf has a number of key features which help it out-perform many rival products.

The aesthetic and playing qualities of natural grass are a feature of the Fibreturf system.  Fibreturf combines the durability and easy maintenance of artificial playing surfaces with the playability of natural turf.  Grass cover is substantially strengthened by the presence of Fibreturf which promotes a healthy root mass, reduces shearing damage and offers the potential for a rapid recovery following heavy use.

Whether your application is football, rugby or golf, Fibresand International can provide you with a natural, green surface with properties which far exceed those of conventional sand or turf construction alternatives.