SUDS Compliant

All of our fibre reinforced systems are able to act as sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), designed to naturally combat the effect of rainwater runoff and flooding in developed areas.   They remove the need for traditional pipe based drainage systems and also contribute towards environmental enhancements.

The aim of SuDS is to mimic drainage from rural, brown site areas in urban environments, allowing natural drainage of rainwater before significant runoff occurs.  Our products are based on free draining, chemical free natural aggregates which has no negative impact on the rainwater collected and transported within the system.  Rain is quickly absorbed into the fibre reinforced layer,  and stored until the underlying ground can percolate it away.

There are two types of SuDS, Soft SuDS and Hard SuDS. Soft SuDS are constructed from all natural products and allow rain water to soak away naturally into the Earth – Swales and Filter Strips are examples of these. Hard SuDS involve underground manufactured elements to help control the infiltration of water and remove it from problem areas. Permeable surfaces such as driveways often use hard SuDS.    Our fibresand, fibreturf, aviation fibreturf,  traffiturf and Traffipave systems are designed to function as SuDS in many of these applications.

Fibre reinforcement brings additional benefits to your SuDS design:

– Significant load bearing capacity even when saturated keeps the installation trafficable in inclement weather
– Grass growth and the ability to recover from abrasion / drought is enhanced by the artificial polymer fibre root mass
– Fibres assist drainage, reduce ground compaction and provide improved infiltration rates over typical soil constructions
– The reinforcement properties of the product resists erosion

Our fibre reinforced SuDS compliant products are simple to install, requiring only basic construction techniques and little ongoing maintenance.

Typical SuDS applications include

Filter Strips – wide gently sloping areas of grass runoff adjacent to impermeable areas.

Swales – Broad shallow channels covered by grass or other vegetation. Designed to convey or store runoff and infiltrate water into the ground.

Infiltration Basins – Designed to store runoff and infiltrate water into the ground. May also be landscaped to provide aesthetic and amenity values.

Pervious surfaces – Pervious surfaces allow rain water to infiltrate through the surface into an underground storage layer.