Versatility is a key feature of our fibre reinforced products – one product, two variants, a myriad of applications.

fibresand_versatility_2     fibresand_versatility_1

Fibresand is the premium equestrian surface for both amateur and professional riders. Slight adjustments in surface preparation can give the rider a deeper exercise surface, a firmer arena for surefooted jumping, or a stable, firm surface for dressage.

The load bearing capability allows the product range to meet a variety of requirements such as emergency fire roads, access roads, high traffic parkland areas, grass car parking, verge reconstruction, in fact anything where hard paved performance is preferable but a natural grass solution is desirable.

Unlike other hard paved surfaces, our fibre reinforced products can be trenched, excavated, lifted and even re-located without damage or major disruption. Disturbed ground can be quickly reinstated and strength developed immediately with suitable compaction.